C2 is a company founded by experts in e-commerce and cross border trade, who have successfully managed & worked with many global e-commerce businesses in the past. C2 corner  is a team of young and dynamic members who have a clear vision to help e-commerce  businesses sell their products on various online marketplaces around the world using technological solutions & people.

C2 Corner  is a custom ecommerce solution provider company which has built a unique platform of software to help all e-merchants to sell on more than 100 marketplace in 20 countries. We strongly believe that companies, start ups, brands & even factories can sell their product in the world via e-commerce platforms, and marketplace is the most powerful and fastest way to sell, collect customer feedback or simply to explore new markets.

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We Create, Handle & help to open your shops on up to 100 marketplaces across the globe. From KYC to product listing with translation, customer service to growth marketing

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C2 Capital

An early payment processing solution for marketplace sellers. Multiply your sales by receiving your payment in 2 days instead of waiting 40 days.

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Growth Marketing

A digital & social marketing initiative to help marketplace sellers increase their visibility, growth and sales. Everything covered from Facebook/Instagram & LinkedIn ads to Community Management.

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Ecommerce Website Development

User friendly & responsive ecommerce website development & deployment on Woocommerce, Shopify & wordpress by UI/UX experts.

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This solution from C2 corner helps you to manage your ecommerce business task and process like Backoffice work, customer queries, ,sales-growth marketing & many more.

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From HubSpot onboarding to launching an inbound campaign from Hubspot, We help you in each task on HubSpot to transform your business into a successful sales machine.

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Join us today to grow your career

We need dynamic & dedicated members in our team to povide custom ecommerce solutions, enhance sales and growth of e-commerce businesses, , be it a start-up or a huge enterprise we help every business. 

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