Your customer service “a la carte”

What is C2 Helpdesk ?

How Does C2 Helpdesk Work ?

What is C2 Helpdesk?

If you don’t have the internal resources to assist your buyers, don’t panic ! 
C2HelpDesk will manage your Customer Service instantly, answer your buyer ‘s questions, and provide the best shopping experience for them. 

Main advantages:

  • The experts are trained to handle the most multiples cases usually seen: tracking parcel, undelivered parcels, customer claims, returns. 
  • Average Response Time < 48 hours 
  • Languages supported : French, English, German, Spanish, Italian

How Does C2 Helpdesk Work?

All your buyer’s questions and the feedback of marketplaces will be consolidated into C2soft and our team will answer to the main questions like the product query, the order query and the order claim, etc.

Our process is tested and approved by marketplaces. When a Buyer open a claim, C2 Helpdesk try to assist him and try to solve his problem. At this stage we solve more than 50% of the claims.

In other case, our CS team will give him the several options
1- Exchange his products within 7 days
2- Repair his product within 7 days (if you subscribe for the C2Repair Service)
3- Refund. After this 14 days period, the warranty of 6 months up to 2 years apply.

In case you are selling Smartphone, prior to the return, our CS Team will ask the buyer to provide the following:
– The aesthetic pictures
– Icloud unlocked pictures

Main advantages

The experts are trained to handle the most multiples cases usually seen: tracking parcel, undelivered parcels, customer claims, returns.

Average Response Time < 48 hours

Languages supported : French, English, German, Spanish, Italian

Return Label

Most of the local marketplace request from the seller to provide a prepaid Return Label in case the buyer open a claim for a defective reason, within the warranty period.
If you subscribe to C2Return or C2Fullfilment, C2Helpdesk team will be able to create those labels and directly send it to the buyers.
If you don’t apply for C2Return or C2Fullfilment, you’ll need to provide a Return Label solution.
The return Label ensure an optimized buying experience and maximize your final Rating !

Business Rules

Before starting to proceed, our customer success will validate the main business Rules with you in order to follow your requests.
Once those rules are settled, C2Helpdesk will proceed.

Day to Day Communication

We have a unique way to communicate with one of your team in case we need help from you.
We have created a simple and very efficient tool called “Todo” which enable both of us to communicate into a specific order.


In order to be eligible for the service Helpdesk, you must register for
– “Pack Soft” or “Pack Premium” + C2 Helpdesk
– Or “Pack All in One”

General Conditions to start

1. Buy the App

2. The Set up in your C2Soft account will be ready in 2 business days

3. Our team will proceed to open your shop