Match Your Payments

What is C2 Payment ?

How Does C2 Payment Work ?

What is C2 Payment?

To understand clearly your payment!  C2 Payment matching enable you to have the information on the Orders paid or Refund with all the data that makes life easy for your accounting.

Main advantages:

  • Make your account clear 
  • Save your time and energy 

How Does C2 Payment Work?

Generally, each marketplace sends you a global amount, you need to do the reconciliation with the orders shipped or returned with their own rules. However, with C2PaymentThere is a detailed account independent for each bill, and it’s clear in the file, you don’t have to check the orders one-by-one. And we will send you the file of payment several times in one month. 

Main advantages

Make your account clear 

Save your time and energy


In order to be eligible for the service C2 Payment, you must register for 
– “Pack Soft” or “Pack Premium” + C2 Payment
– Or “Pack All in One”  

General Conditions to start

1. Buy the App

2. The Set up in your C2Soft account will be ready in 2 business days

3. Our team will proceed to open your shop