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What is C2 Product ?

How Does C2 Product Work ?

What is C2 Product?

You have 30 products up to 500 new products to list ? 
Listing so many products in several languages on different marketplaces is not easy. 
C2 Product is a service to help you list your products easily.

Main advantages:

  • Simplify your listing work 
  • Let you focus on your core business 

How Does C2 Product Work?

There are 3 options: 

1.Add an offer from C2 catalogue
You can search product by name, ean, reference, description from C2 catalog, if you find the product that you want to sell, just click sell yours, all you need to do is just to modify the wholesale price, shipping fee and virtual stock. 

2.Add many offers from C2 catalogue
– Download template
– Fill the excel file: add information like wholesale price, shipping fee, virtual stock, lead to ship, price on marketplace, etc.
– Upload your file to update 

3.Create new products
only if products you want to sell are not visible in C2 catalogue, create new products you wish to sell
-Download another template
-Fill the excel file
-Upload your file to update 

Finally, We will collect the majority of the content in the file, translate it and list it on the marketplace that you chose. 

Main advantages

Simplify your listing work 

Let you focus on your core business 


In order to be eligible for the service C2 Return, you must register for 
– “Pack Soft” + C2Return
– “Pack Premium” or “Pack All in One”  

General Conditions to start

1. Buy the App

2. The Set up in your C2Soft account will be ready in 2 business days

3. Our team will proceed to open your shop