Get your own
Customer Service Team
For a Fixed Monthly Fee

What it would be like to focus on designing, buying and sourcing new products, rather than take care yourself of hundreds of questions of your buyers about your products, the deliveries … It will totally change your energy, your profits while keeping updated about the top 10 info you need.

C2 Helpdesk has been founded with the idea that handling Customer Service into your company does not bring additional value for you.

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C2 Helpdesk will help you to

  • Get rid of your indoor customer Service 
  • Instantly benefit from the best strategies already implemented on hundreds of vendors
  • Control your Customer Service Cost with a monthly fee 
  • Learn about the rules of each marketplace 

We provide a Highly Skilled Customer Service Team trained for the marketplace, operating your shops under your own rules

  • Get as many people as you need to operate your answers 
  • We explain you the rules of each marketplace – You decide and adjust your own policy – We operate for you under your policy 
  • Several Languages covered: French, English, Italian, Spanish 
  • Fast answers 
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One Single Platform to read and communicate with your customer Service Team 

  • All your questions in one single application (see eligible marketplace) 
  • Interact with your team using Todo 
  • Analyze the feedbacks every month  
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Monthly payment according
to the number of tickets

  • 499€ = 250 Tickets 
  • 998€ = 500 Tickets 
  • 1497€ = 1000 Tickets 
  • 1 ticket = 1 question with up to 5 answers or replies 
  • Can handle C2 Return 
  • Can handle C2 Repair 
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A Trained Customer Service Team at your Service

  • A team of skilled people trained for eCommerce
  • A team who know the rules of marketplaces
  • Complete marketplaces Rules with your own Rules
  • 5 main speaking Languages (French, Spanish, German, Italian, English)
  • A team 100% Performance Oriented
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Yes ! I want a 1.000€ Custom Marketing Strategy for my Business, for Free

Here’s how It works !
First, we’ll review your business, spy on your competitors, analyze your target market, your sales processes and your goals with you. Then, based on what you tell us, we’ll develop a custom digital marketing plan specifically for you …free. Everything we discuss is specifically tailored for your business after we’ve had a chance to ask you about your sales process, sales goals, and your branding strategy. There is no charge for this and there is no Catch.

We do this because many people who go through this process are so impressed and happy, they ask to become a client. Please note this is not a sales call. We usually charge 1,000€ for this kind of comprehensive business analysis and planning. You’ll be speaking with one of our highly trained digital strategists who will come up with a plan tailored to your business to maximize your visibility and sales. There’s no obligation for you to take up any of our services.

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