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The first online store in Denmark
  • An average basket of almost € 200
  • A conversion rate higher than 3.5%
  • Known by 90% of Danish buyers
The best online store in the Netherlands
  • 85,000 active SKUs
  • Over 750 major brands
  • More than 250 people work at fonq
The main consumer electronics companies in the Nordic countries
  • 145 stores across the country
  • More than 11,000 employees
  • For the 2016/17 financial year, the group achieved a turnover of 34.2 billion Norwegian kroner and an operating profit of 1.106 billion Norwegian kroner.
A young, dynamic and growing company
  • The reference to online sales of Spanish IT products
First market lens in France
  • 10,895 Member Opticians
  • 750,057 product references
  • 0 dissatisfied customer
An international online distributor in the home and garden
  • Over 10 years of experience in cross-border e-commerce
  • 1 billion customers in all European countries, the United States and Australia
Market leader in household appliances and consumer electronics
  • Over 180 Worten stores in Portugal.
  • Launch of the Worten Resolve card in 2013, which today has more than 2 million followers.
Blokker is a Dutch distribution group active in the home sector
  • Millions of customers
  • Sell ​​in more than 20 categories
The European leader in department stores and a benchmark in Spanish distribution
  • € 15.935 million in turnover
  • 700 million customer inflows
A market to sell your video games
  • Over 1,600,000 customers
  • Now operates stores in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and the UK
A major Latin American retailer
  • Ripley operates stores in many Latin American countries
  • Millions of consumers
Sell ​​children’s clothing online
  • Over 150 major brands
  • An average of 9.2

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