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The first marketplace dedicated to innovative health products.
  • Over 15,000 pharmacists
GAME is the UK’s leading video game retailer.
  • Over 270 third-party sellers
  • More than 1.7 million unique visitors (from players to slapping) each week with more than 10 million page views.
A large distributor of electronic components in America
  • A Fortune 500 company with 20,100 employees worldwide
  • Arrow Electronics Promotes Innovation For Over 200,000 Leading Technology Manufacturers And Service Providers
  • Sales of $ 30 billion in 2018
An innovative way for designer brands to sell
  • Over 1600 designer brands
  • The future fifty 2013: one of the 50 largest digital companies in the UK’s growth phase
  • Top 100 BAME Business Leaders 2016: The Sunday Times
Market focused on food and retail sale of food products in France
  • 9,500 employees
  • 98 warehouses
  • 45,000 references
  • Over 700,000 visits / month to the site
  • 16,000 orders on the site
In constant search for quality products made in France
  • Over 85% of satisfied customers out of 19,000 comments
  • Designers respect the environment in their production and manufacturing method
Jewelry and watch market
  • Over 136 jewelry stores throughout France
  • The second player in the French jewelry market
  • 22 years of industry experience
A leading online pet store in Europe
  • 16,000 active SKUs
  • 40 stores in Spain
  • 200,000 customers
The first supermarket chain in France
  • 110,000 employees
  • 112 stores have already been set up abroad, representing more than 2.4 billion euros in turnover
  • 10 to 15 creations in store per year

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