How can Booster help my Business?

Booster provides the software, connected to 100+ marketplace, a team to create your shops, list your product and 100% manage your shops. Our mission will be to operate your shops. Your only mission will be to source and buy your products. Booster will help you to automate your business. To start with Booster, no matter

How do I get in touch?

Use our contact form or send us email at : contact@c2corner.com to know more about services.

Do you provide marketplace onboarding services?

Yes, we provide onboarding to all the available marketplaces at one time cost.

How do I get started?

We have tailored policy for every eseller but here are some of the basic stesp: 1. Register for Booster pack 2. Create an account on C2soft by going on https://seller.c2corner.com 3. Upload all the required company documents. 4. Add or create products you would like to sell. 5. Our team will prepare your account and submit

What is Booster?

Booster with the help of automated Saas enabled software provides sellers with flexibility to set up shop on around 100 marketplaces in more than 20 countries. Our inhouse ecommerce experts also provide support for day to day operation and growth strategy. Booster is the ideal solution to automate your business and focus your energy on