Is your traffic quality good?

We get people to your websites/marketplace shop by doing relevant targeting and setting smart goals that are matching you with the right people at the right moment to make sure that your product displays only to those who are highly interested and are pro-actively searching for your products.

Can I edit the campaign details like targeting, budget, url and more?

Yes, you will have access to the campaign manager of all platforms and we will show you where to go if you need to edit anything.

Does your service charge include the ad spends?

No, your ad budget will be separate from the amount we charge to provide our services. We will discuss with you the amount you need to spend to achieve your desired result.

What is the exit strategy in case we don’t want to continue after sometime?

We have made it very smooth for all our customers to exit if that time comes. We use all your accounts to run ads so if you plan to discontinue then you can just remove our access and start working on your own. We just need a notice of 30 days in doing so.

How do I track results?

We will share the monthly performance report with you. And also you can see results everyday by going into your FB/LinkedIn campaign manager. We don’t use our assets to create ads, it will always belong to your company.

How Can I Start Today?

Just select the pack which is best suitable for you and pay online. Our expert will get back to you and share the details of the complete process that we follow.

Should I run ads on every social media channel?

No, not all social media channels are relevant in terms of spending money and getting customers. We will help you strategies which platforms to choose and how much to spend to reach your desired target audience & convert them to fulfill your sales goal.

Should I be on every social channel & marketplace?

Yes, it is crucial for you to be on every social network & marketplace that your potential customers could be spending most of their time on. Why? Because it is proven that a seller who is omnipresent has a much higher chance of converting customers.

I need leads quickly for my business, how fast can you help?

We get the campaigns started within 2 weeks after approval from the client.