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Facebook marketing services

Scale your e-commerce business with our Facebook marketing services.

We help improve visibility, drive sales, and grow your business online, getting the most out of your Facebook account.

Reason to Choose Facebook Marketing for Ecommerce business Marketing

You can directly sell your products on facebook but you certainly promote your product and provide a gateway for boosting your online sales

Drive brand and product awareness, and promote new launches by reaching the correct pool of audience who use Facebook.
Facebook -management
Manage your prospect community with effortless process, and answer all your customer queries which develop deeper customer relationships.
Increase purchases and other valuable actions on online stores with the support of facebook ads and organic marketing.

Redirect your Facebook ads to your online store and Marketplace listing

We help you enhance your Facebook Ads to make meaningful purchases on marketplace and ecommerce websites & grow your business. With our Ecommerce facebook marketing, we drive sales on your website directly from the Facebook platforms.

  • Increase conversions and product product purchase on your ecommerce website and online stores by redirecting Facebook ad redirection.
  • Relevant Call-to-action and ads design to direct prospective customers to marketplaces platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten and other.
Facebook Ads
Sell online directly on Facebook

New Facebook Shops: Sell online directly on Facebook

For US sellers product checkout, We assist our customers to set up Facebook shops.  With our help, you can launch the Facebook Shops on your Facebook business Page and display your full product collection so that interested customers can purchase products directly from facebook. 

If your ecommerce company has a USA checkout option, We will implement your Facebook Shops to help your customers discover products they’re interested in and make purchasing easier without them leaving the facebook platform. Payment gateway setup, catalog addition, product page creation and all other activities related to a full fledged facebook shop is included in our service. 

Ecommerce Facebook Ads: Give your online sales a boost with Facebook Ads.

Facebook is a powerful channel for ecommerce businesses for customer reach and product sales. If you place your facebook ad campaigns in a skillful company it holds tremendous potential for success. With C2 as your partner agency, Facebook PPC ads for ecommerce is an essential tool for your ecommerce business growth.
Product Awarness

Awareness and Product ads

Optimization of product listinWe create facebook ads which not only create awareness about your products but also encourage your customers and prospects to purchase it. With facebook, give a purchase button to your ad campaigns and the product gets sold in one go.  

Retargeting Ads

We help in retargeting on facebook, which allows your company to reach back out to existing visitors and prospects who have already shown an interest in your product on marketplaces or your ecommerce website, giving you another chance to close the sale.
Ecommerce Facebook Ads

Facebook Community management: Leverage your facebook account to engage, convert and delight your audience.

We take care of your facebook community to keep the audience engaged and convert later when they are ready. Posting, commenting and influencing is all part of our extensive facebook community management service. We help the marketplace seller to connect to different facebook group, make business communication and become friends with active users.
Our social media and ecommerce experts manage your facebook community, answer all your customer queries Not only these, we strategize and execute creative ideation like video & infographic posts, quiz, surveys, events and other engaging activities.

Ready to grow your Ecommerce business with Facebook Marketing?

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Ready to grow your Ecommerce business with Facebook Marketing?