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1st E-Commerce website in France !
A Major Player for 17 Years
The Unique Shopping Destination to Shop, Sell and Give
  • More than 165 Millions Active Buyers
  • 1 Billion listings
  • Already 100,000 China Sellers
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Amazon is Most well known and powerfull marketplace in the world
  • More than 40 % of the orders come from marketplace
  • Amazon Europe covers 5 european countries (Fr, UK, Italy, Spain, Germany)
  • Already 50,000 China Sellers
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One of the Most Powerfull Marketplace in Consumer Electronics in France
  • More than 50.000 orders everyday
  • 10 Millions Unique Visitors per month
  • Third Biggest e-commerce marketplace
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Darty is one the fastest Growing Marketplace in France
  • Mainly Focus on Electronics, Home Appliances
  • 12.600 Employees in France
  • 265 Physical Stores in France
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No1 Online Shopping and selling destinations in South East Asia (Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam)
  • Over 15.000 Sellers
  • More than 15 Million Visitors per month
  • 2.7 million mobile app download
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Linio is the biggest Marketplace in South America
  • More than 50.000 sellers
  • Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina
  • Reach over 300 Millions people
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The No1 Marketplace for Everything Tech !
  • 2.7 Billion Revenue in 2013
  • 2600 Employees
  • 10.5 million Products
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