created in 1954

    • 124 shops in France
    • 9 millions unique visitors every month in 2015
    • the third biggest e-commerce marketplace according to the visitors in France
    • 10 millions products available
    • sale part: 56.1% technique products
    • 38.8% editing products
    • 5,1% service

Marketplace Commission

Computer and Tablets: 5%

Hard Drive and PowerBank, TV: 6%

Digital Camera and Lenses: 6,5%

Smartphone: 8%

Toys and Games: 12%

Outdoor: 12%

Sport and Leisure: 14%

Monthly Fee: 39€

Payment Terms

Payment every Monday and Thursday, based on the confirmed delivery of the products by the customer. Example: if a product is delivered and confirmed on Sunday, then it will be They check the confirmed deliveries on 1,5,10,15,20,25 of each month and then payment on Tuesday and Thursday of the week after. Based on delivery of goods

Return Policy

Fnac require a Local Return address for Returns

Return Fees are at buyer expanse except if the product is defective.

The buyer has 14 days after delivery to return the product.

Over this 14 days, the buyer can return under the warranty period if the product is defective.

Warranty period: 2 Years for New products, 3-6 months for Used or Refurbished

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