Our Programs

We have built a unique environment including an Advanced Software, Marketplace Experts, unlimited trainings, and a lot of helpful services to help any company to start to sell easily and very fast on 50 marketplaces in over 20 countries.

We help all our customers to create their account, list their products in several languages, push their sales, create their marketing campaigns, handle their local return logistics, operate their local customer service, collect and match their payment, and provide full reporting for better sales decision.

Our Team are all E-Commerce Experts and they are here to train you to acquire the most advanced knowledge to start to sell, and some are even dedicated to operate your store.

We have built 3 programs according to the level of assistance you need.
One Must fit your company !


You are already an e-commerce expert, running some stores on aliexpress, wish or ebay and you wish to operate Your new Stores using your own ressources ? Okay !

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Boost Your Sales

You already have an open store on the marketplace and you already received your first orders.
But you don’t have the full resources to operate it efficiently.

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You don’t have a store, don’t have enough resources to operate it, you don’t know a lot about e-commerce but you feel that your products will be highly successful on line.

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Accelerator Program

You are already an e-commerce expert and you wish to sell on European marketplace using your own team and ressources ? Okay !

How Does it Work ?

This program is eligible for all sellers, selling some consumer electronics products and accessories.
If you wish to start selling, we would recommend you 2-3 platform to start. And then you could increase step by step !

Our mission
  • We introduce your company to the marketplace
  • We open your account under Your Name on 2 marketplaces
  • We provide you with a local return Adress
  • We train you to Build, Launch your store at Super speed with our unlimited On line training
  • Sessions from the best marketplace experts
  • We would train you on using C2Soft
Your mission
  • You create your product listings on C2Soft and push them on 2-3 marketplaces to start
  • You would have an unlimited access to C2Software with a lot of free services
  • You update your prices and stock
  • You collect the orders and ship
  • You handle customer service
  • You promote your products
  • You collect the payments from the platform
  • You pay us a small fee once you get paid !
  • You would have the option to Apply for Boost Your Sales Program

Boost Your Sales Program

You are already an e-commerce expert operating on Aliexpress, Amazon, Wish or ebay and you want to sell on other marketplace to make more profit. But you don’t want to operate the store yourself.

We can help you operate and blow it up !

How Does it Work ?

This Program is selective and limited. We only can operate the Best 50 Sellers during the year. The selection is based on several factors : Your Products, Prices, Store Design, Shipments, Nature of the claims…

But once you are on board, Get prepared to see a great increase in your Sales !

Our mission
  • Get the full control of your store
  • Product listings optimization
  • Customer Service
  • Claims Management
  • Store design
  • Return Management
  • Monthly Reporting
Your mission
  • Check the orders on line
  • Make the quality control
  • Pack and ship out
  • Collect your payments !

Advanced VIP Program Program

You are a brand or a wholesaler already with some successfull achievements. You feel that your products will be highly successful on local marketplace and you don’t know a lot about e-commerce.

We can help you !

How Does it Work ?

This program is selective. We only can operate the Best 50 Sellers during the year. We need to know more your company, your products, your culture and your global strategy.

Our experts will need to study the market, evaluate the opportunity. You should have some meeting with some Native Speaking experts to discuss your strategy.

If you succeed, we will take over all your on-line business and put all our efforts, energy and team to build up your on-line sales.

Our mission
  • Design your store
  • Operate the Customer Service
  • Create and Translate your Listings
  • Operate the Returns
  • Handle the Claims and disputes
Your mission
  • Collect the Orders
  • Collect the money
  • And Pay us on our Performance !

Nous avons créé un environnement unique composé de logiciels, de services et d’experts pour accompagner chaque entreprise, qu’il soit déjà expert ou non, à se lancer très rapidement ou à accélérer ses ventes sur les marketplaces dans plus de 20 Pays.