Sellers gathered in Shenzhen,C2Coner shares the secrets of success!

By 25 March 2019c2corner

C2Corner French team have hold the event on 15th March in Shenzhen to meet with 100 sellersAmazon China, Chukou1, Payoneer and some successful sellers have also present in this special event

The main purpose of this event is to have face-to-face communication with Ecross-border sellers, in order to help them find new mainstream marketplace in Europe, so that they can boost their sales via various marketplaces around the world. The event was including different aspects.

Firstly, the sellers have understood that why it is the right time to open the European market, and then the main speaker Arnaud introduced the most popular marketplaces in Europe and explained how to get the best practice in those platforms.

Of course, the most important thing for new and existing sellers is: “how to successfully enter those marketplaces and operate their shops efficiently”. With many years of management experience in cross-border e-commerce, Thomas introduced how to become a leader with the help of C2Corner. and the on-site question-and-answer activities also make sellers familiar with the methods to overcome various problems. 

The Partners of C2Corner also presented the solutions for sellers to deal with different issues during their business journeys.

First of all, the development director of Amazon south China tong Zhou, made a detailed analysis of the Amazon Europe, so that the sellers learned about the European market and grabbed the new opportunities. 

Secondly, Mike, the representative of Chukou1, interprets the E cross-border market and logistics conditions in France and Australia, same time he provides the solutions for sellers to solve cross-border logistics problems.

After, development director of Payoneer China Gao xiuqi, who introduced the global B2B payment solutions to the sellers, enabling them to master the easy, fast and safe cross-border payment methods.

Finally, the sellers who achieved success through C2Corner explained her own  experience regarding the whole journey. The success of the event allowed many sellers to gain new business experiences. 

C2Corner’s years of experience in E cross-border can help sellers solve different issues. No matter you are new or have already set up your shop, C2Corner promises to do the best to help you achieve your e-business dreams! 

Please check our website for more information and start your journey right away! 

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