Accelerate your payment

What is C2 Capital ?

How Does C2 Capital Work ?

What is C2 Capital?

Payments for your orders arrive within 20 to 40 days?
You can not buy new stocks or develop your product catalog?
We have the solution ! Or rather we will have the Solution very soon! 

C2 Capital is an accelerated payment service that allows you to receive payment for your sales in 24 hours instead of 20 to 40 days. 

The Service is opening very soon and access will be limited.
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C2 Capital will allow you to:

  • Collect your payments at D + 1 after shipping your orders
  • Potentially multiply your sales by 7x and increase the profitability of your business
  • Buy new stock and multiply your references
  • Recruit, Recruit, Recruit! 

How Does C2 Capital Work?

1.Register by clicking here

Register to learn more about the C2 Capital service.
It takes about 1 minute to create an account.

2.Connect your seller account toC2Softand activate your account

Connect your seller account. Fill in your personal information.
And activate your account

3.Start receiving your payments

Once the account is approved, the payments will be made daily to your bank account. 

Main advantages

The experts are trained to handle the most multiples cases usually seen: tracking parcel, undelivered parcels, customer claims, returns.

Average Response Time < 48 hours

Languages supported : French, English, German, Spanish, Italian


To subscribe to C2 Capital, check in advance the following conditions: 

  • Company domiciled in one of the countries of the euro zone (not all countries are included, contact us) 
  • A history of at least 6-12 months on the Marketplace account. 
  • A company with at least one balance sheet 
  • Satisfied customers 
  • Indicators of acceptable performance 

General Conditions to start

1. Buy the App

2. The Set up in your C2Soft account will be ready in 2 business days

3. Our team will proceed to open your shop