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Discover Booster by C2

Booster is online marketplace software which helps ecommerce merchants create and handle their business on 100+ Marketplaces in the world. Watch the video now to discover our all-in-one platform to catalogue, sell and control the product with business profile management on top marketplaces like Amazon, Rakuten, Darty and more.

What you can expect from Booster

Whether you are an eCommerce startup or an established business firm,
Booster can help you to scale your business with limitless possibilities on open online store.


We provide a seamless integration with 100+ top global marketplaces. We  help you select the marketplaces that are right for your business.


We help you open your shops, list & translate your products on the global marketplaces without any tussle and technical blunders.

Booster offers more than 10 features in one platform which regulates inventory, order, price, products, discount and all other things.

We thoroughly research your business and give you the key business strategy for success on online marketplaces.


We have a dedicated team of over 50 ecommerce and marketplace specialists who will help you from start to end.


We help you to operate your business according to your sales conditions & the one from marketplaces. you have full control.

Scale Your Business by enhancing your sales with Booster

With our online marketplace software we just not only help you in open & list marketplace shop but boost your online sales by providing growth marketing and ads services.

We help you attract, engage & convert relevant audiences from social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram through paid ads. We boost your sales by giving you visibility and traffic.

We help your products to be visible on top marketplaces when the user searches for the product category you offer & run ads on marketplaces like Amazon, Rakuten, Cdiscount & many more so your potential buyers reaches your website & marketplace shops.


Discover The Marketplaces you could sell on

We take great pride in our growing marketplace community. We are offering our service to Sell or Connect to 100+ Marketplace partners worldwide!


Select, Pay & Sign Up

Select, Pay & Sign Up

Select & pay for the booster pack that you need and sign up now. Choose from the 100 marketplaces displayed in our portal to get started.

Company Information

Company Information

Input your company information and other details and get approved fast from our side.

Add & Sell products

Add & Sell products

Add all the information of products like name, price, stock, delivery time... Select the various marketplaces where you want to sell you products.

BOOSTER - Online Selling And Marketplace Management Made Easy

With our marketplace management platform, we help hundreds of sellers to open and manage their business online.
In a world full of marketplaces, Booster has given various success stories determining how ecommerce businesses can sell better and faster using technology.

Launch Faster

Selecting relevant marketplaces is the key to success. We help you find the best marketplaces for your business & manage all of them from one place.

Efficient Operations

 You get access to 10 powerful in-built apps & a talented customer success team.Our all in one platform has a user friendly & quick interface to integrate with the marketplaces. Pay online now and save money on our annual packages.

Extensive Booster Features: C2soft for Marketplace order or Use CMS for website sales.

We have two options for you, use our software C2Soft for aggregating your orders on various marketplaces or use CMSs like wordpress, shopify and more with Add-ons to sell your products. With our help, connect with C2soft Free, Shoppingfeed or Lengow to sell on marketplaces of your choice.


Free Resource: Is this the right moment to sell on the global marketplace?

In this free Ebook, you will discover the reasons why it is the right moment to sell on the marketplace & how marketplaces have disrupted the business process of brands, vendors, and factories.
Are You Ready to Sell Better?

Are You Ready to Sell Better?

Schedule a free consultation with us and we can help you find the best solution to overcome your marketplace challenges. We can help you grow your business & make your business a success story in the ecommerce industry.

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