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We take great pride in our growing marketplace community. We are offering our service to Sell or manage business on 100+ Marketplace partners worldwide!

Booster pack consists of some amazing services and support. You can choose them according to your needs and built your own customized solution.

Marketplace Selection
Marketplace Selection

We help you Choose best marketplace for your business and apply for a shop on the selected marketplaces and complete your KYC procedure. We work on all the marketplace of europe and France.

Customer Service
Customer Service

Customer service will help you manage all your customer queries proactively, answer your buyer‘s questions, and provide the best shopping experience to them.

Competitor analysis and management
Competitor analysis and management

Our experts analyse your competitor listings and enhance your product listing on marketplace according to your business rules & policy. It helps you give an upper hand in the competitive market.

Business Strategy & Consultation
Business Strategy & Consultation

Get the best business strategy for your ecommerce business. From the product category, best marketplaces and logistics solution to scale up your business.

Product & inventory management
Product & inventory management

We create your products in several languages on marketplace directly or connect them with marketplace aggregator like Lengow or Shopping feed to ensure a centralized management of your inventory, orders and other things.

Fulfillment - Local Warehousing
Fulfillment - Local Warehousing

In this solution, we help you integrate with several warehouses in Europe. You’ll be able to deliver the products in these warehouses and all marketplace operations are done from there.

Enhancing your sales and business With Facebook / Instagram LinkedIn

Beside managing your shops on 100+  marketplace we also help marketplace merchants like you to boost your online sales by providing growth marketing and ads services.

Social media marketing

We help you attract, engage & convert relevant audiences from social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram through paid ads. A lead is interested by your products, he will be re-direct to your shop to order.

Amazon accelerator programme

We help your product listing to be visible on top on Amazon marketplace. When the user searches for the product category you offer they reaches to your listing to buy products from you. We do SEO, and paid campaign to define your Success Story on Amazon

We identify your main competitors on Amazon and  strategies your marketing campaigns to make you a leading seller of your industry.

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Overcome your marketplace challenges with limitless possibilities.

With Marketplace Booster – marketplace management services, selling online and managing different marketplaces is easier than ever. This solution from C2 can help your ecommerce business in every possible way while leaving you in control of your business. Here are some the distinct prominent features why Marketplace Booster is the go to solution for hundreds of ecommerce merchants.

  • Marketplace Selection
  • Business Launch
  • Dedicated Support’
  • Fully controlled operation
  • Business Strategy
  • Marketplace management services
  • Work on 3rd party aggregators.

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