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What is C2 Corner ?

We are the first and unique Accelerator for Marketplace Sellers.
Our mission is to help e-Merchants to sell on more than 50 marketplace in 20 countries.

We have built a unique environment including an Advanced Software, Marketplace Experts, unlimited trainings, and a lot of helpful services to help any company to start selling easily and very fast on 50 marketplace in over 20 countries.

We help all our customers to create their account, list their products in several languages, push their sales, create their marketing campaigns, handle their local return logistics, operate their local customer service, collect and match their payment, and provide full reporting for better sales decision.

Our Team are all E-Commerce Experts and they are here to train you to acquire the most advanced knowledge to sell, and some are even dedicated to operate your store.

We have built 3 Plans according to the level of assistance you need.

One Must fit your company !

what is c2corner

What does sellers say about C2 Corner

martin seller testimonial

Martin Wang


“European platform like PriceMinister and Cdiscount are fantastic marketplace to reach some additional customers in Europe with much higher profit. C2 Corner has handled everything for us. We just need to prepare the orders !”


Me Hong Lee

Leap Technologies

“As a professional seller on Aliexpress, we were in competition with too many China Companies. C2 Corner has introduced us to Fnac and we are now expanding our business with much higher profit !”


Ms Annie Mak

Bluetooth Headphone
Has her store on Cdiscount since 2014

“Before starting on Cdiscount, i was afraid of payments terms. I discovered that marketplace selected by C2 Corner are trustful and some of them even pay us in less than 3 days !”

Why do you need C2 Corner to sell across the Globe ?

Back in 2014, we have noticed that there were very few foreign products and merchants on local marketplace. And while we were trying to understand why, we found out that sellers had to go through complex procedures to create their account, get their money in the right currency, list their products with EAN/UPC codes. Marketplace request from their sellers to provide a local return address and a local VAT number, to handle customer service in local languages, often charge them with a higher commission rate and pay their sales between 20 to 40 days ! For all those reasons, and because sellers are not ready, their lifetime value of the platform is very short

Most of them give up after listing on Ebay or Amazon, and we fully understand it.

We have built C2 Corner with the ambition to help them in the quickest and simplest way, to sell their products on line in more than 20 countries, through an ecosystem of several services, handled by our own technology.

With C2 Corner, you are going to Love Cross Border e-Commerce !

About us

C2Corner is a company founded by Expert of E-commerce and Cross Border Trade, who have successfully managed and sold e-commerce companies in the past.

Today, after more than 8 years in the e-commerce industry, we are convinced that   e-commerce is the easiest and the most efficient way to explore new markets, and develop the local distribution, without the local barriers.

C2Corner help brands and entrepreneurs, through our advanced software, logistics and sales solutions, to sell their products on online marketplaces around the world.

We have set up an organization and a software who can help brand to sell on line in more than 20 countries in the world.
And some new markets are opening every month.